About us:

Sauna 85 is a mobile sauna with space for 20 people. We deliver Saunagus in Copenhagen and the vicinity. You can book individual tickets via our Booking system, or book the entire sauna for events. At Sauna 85 we focus on giving our guests a break from the day to day, where they can enjoy the warmth, the cold, and the scent of essential oils. We call this a heavy meditation, where body and mind speak the same language.

Our mission is to be a positive boost to all our guests when it comes to their health, stress levels, mental state and general quality of life. We started Sauna 85 to give more people the opportunity to experience the advantages that we ourselves have so greatly benefited from. 

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Sauna 85 wants to bring Saunagus closer to you. It should be easier to gain access to a sauna. You don’t need a membership with Sauna 85. You can always book a Gus straight from our calendar, whenever and wherever you like. We strive to move all around Copenhagen, from Østerbro to Dragør. We are always looking for new locations, so please contact us if you know of an available place next to the water. 

We have first hand experience with the many benefits of Saunagus.

A Gus can help you gain peace of mind. Let your thoughts float, and improve your mental resilience. The combination of the heat vs. the cold, the scents and the music, sets everything on pause. In a stressful day to day, a Gus works like an incredibly powerful tool for achieving a sense of peace and safety. A safe space, where you are fully in tune with your body. 

We call it the “heavy meditation”. On a bad day, Saunagus can give you “an extra life” or give your day “a second chance”. 

Saunagus has been one of the greatest gifts in our lives. We started Sauna 85 to give that gift forward.

Jonas, our Gusmester, has 8 years of experience with Saunagus, and has been a Gusmester for more than 3 years. 


Booking & events:


If you want to become a gusmester:

Book Saunagus

Remember to check the address before booking :)

What you should bring

Attn.: Tickets cannot be refunded. However, if you cannot attend, you can sell your tickets to someone else.


For event booking,

write to august@sauna85.dk eller ring på +45 31 19 73 75

  • Private events (birthdays, Christmas, new years, etc.)
  • Business events

Ved brug af Sauna85 tjenester, accepterer du Handelsbetingelser og Privatpolitik.